Food Access

Eat fresh, eat local! In consuming more local fruits and vegetables we are able to access fresher, healthier foods. Simple words to live by, however, difficult to put into action. The cost of production is high and so, the cost of consumption is as well. So what does that mean for our local population?

Ironically, while we have more than enough land to grow our produce, Hawai`i imports nearly 85% of our food from outside of the islands. This means that the foods we consume travels further, and are less fresh, less healthy, and do less for our bodies. Do you think that this has a direct affect upon us? If prices for local produce are too high, do you think this will affect our local farmers as well? How can we better support our community and its food system?


ProductionHawai`i imports nearly 90% of our food to feed our local population coming in from outside of Hawai`i.



ProcessingFood in its more NATURAL state holds huge health benefits, especially when it is found local.




DistributionFood distribution is skewed, here in the islands. While most of our food comes in from outside sources,
this does not mean this food gets even distributed. 




AccessWhile Hawai`i has a rich history of agriculr



Consumptionyum, yum, yum…





Waste:RecoverHow do we use the waste that we produce…