Take 10

Top 10 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Daily

1. Wake up with Gratitude – Think of 5 things you are thankful for upon awakening.

2. Drink a Cup – Start the day off by focusing all of your attention upon your cup of tea.

3. Meditate, It’s Great – By sitting silently or meditating, you are better able to focus upon yourself.

4. Exercise in the Morning – This will help to connect to your body, and the moment in a very real way.

5. Journal – By writing things down, you are able to bring your attention through your pen to your thoughts.

6. Eat in Silence – Take time and sit in the experience of eating – you’ll be surprised how great everything tastes.

7. Tactile Tactics – Rub your fingers together, clap your hands, and do anything to focus upon the physical moment.

8. Breath – Take deep breaths to focus your attention inward upon your self.

9. Yoga ANYTIME – As a core principle of the practice, yoga is great for mindfulness.

10. Saturate the Senses – By focusing upon your sense, you are able to more fully experience any given moment.